Be The Wind!!

Have you ever been out in the streets and suddenly it gets windy? You feel the wind and you might see the impact of the wind against objects around you but you don't see the wind itself. Wind is caused by differences in atmospheric pressure. When there is a difference in atmospheric pressure in an area, air moves from the higher to the lower pressure area, resulting in winds of various speeds.

Naturally, there's no stopping where strong winds go or calming its strength. If you don't protect yourself by staying away from within its reach, you might get hurt by particles and objects it carries in the process.

Let's ponder on this for a second; from where winds are formed you don't start to witness the effect of this difference in atmospheric pressure (wind's origin) until it hits lower pressure areas.
In the same vein, wind can be likened to spirit. I love this because it provides me with a practical way to describe aligning with spirit to someone looking to grow spiritually.
One of my favorite bible scriptures reads:
"The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”
John 3:8 NIV

In essence, wind blows and you don't know where it goes, but this is not the case if you're one with it, this is not the case if you dwell in the higher pressure area, where wind movement or its formation is no mystery to you.

In 2019, as with every other year before it, there's no denying that there will be pressure, but you've got to be mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually prepared. In 2019, fight for higher consciousness, and be the wind. Wind will move things and particles with less power but wind wouldn't overpower a force within a higher pressure area that contributed to creating its power. To stay prepared, you have to rise above your natural self and every thought that makes you feel paralyzed. Come up higher in your reasoning - Be in tune with spirit, come up higher and stay there. Every obstacle you'd surmount in 2019 lies in your ability to come up higher each time.

Setting intentions is not enough, it's not going to guarantee results. Be what you intend, be the wind, intensify your capacity.

Have an amazing 2019 friends!!


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