You Are Art!

The mind is a very beautiful place when it is disciplined, awoken, and taught mastery.

As Art Basel came around again in Miami, I was blessed with the opportunity to speak at an event tagged "Art Meets Fashion" curated by Style Luxe Expo.

As I geared up for the event, I thought to look deeper into the origin of what we call art. In Greek, the word technฤ› is translated as art, which is where
technical and technique come from.
In the same vein, in Latin, the word art comes from "ars", which, although literally defined, means "skill method" or "technique", and conveys a connotation of beauty.

The word art has always been used in a qualitative sense of, a person who is creative, innovative, or adept at an artistic practice.

I realize that for what art is defined as from its origins, without an Author, Imagination, Authentic expression, and technique, there is no art. As human beings, we are naturally born with the innate ability to be art in every sense of the word, but we only become masterpieces when we finetune self-mastery.

Keep working on you, you are Art!


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