Don't Forget Your Wins Of Yesterday

Remember welcoming in January 1st? All over the world, some people rang in the new year 24hrs before others because of a difference in time zones. Let's examine the word 'new' for a second. The literal meaning of 'new' is 'not existing before', so even in regards to time, what becomes new for some, is already old for others.

So think of this, a new year is not a closing of chapters and launching into a brand new 'not existing before' life, even though many naturally are programmed to consider it so. Think of it as a transition, an entrance into a season, a season that existed before your consciousness aligned with the transition's start date. The chapters behind shouldn't be forgotten, the victories and wins of the past shouldn't be forgotten because you've set new goals. Don't forget how far you've come. The year before didn't end, you transitioned into a new season. Spirituality is not bound by space and time, so you ought to hold on to your wins.
Don't crack under pressure because of goals set and what lies ahead. Take it one step at a time, enjoy the moment, and glide into your victories of tomorrow. Those victories are won because your true and higher self wins, before your consciousness arrives in that time you will then call 'present day'.


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