Manifest On The Go!

A useful platform does not equate to a stage, blog, influence in media, or show. It is an opportunity to initiate action, all you need is 'you' for that.

In today, there are many who believe that people need huge platforms in order to be qualified as successful. You don't! What is success to you? Who are you? Why are you here? What are you doing with what you've got? You can initiate change right where you are and be successful at it.

Some of the most fulfilling encounters I've had have been in the most unexpected places. One of those moments I had just left a friend's birthday party at a club in Miami at about 1am. As I walked to my car, I could smell the aroma of barbeque chicken and I spotted where it was coming from - a jerk chicken food truck. I wasn't hungry, but what's a night on the town without savory hangover food? A few steps closer to my car with my food in hand, a homeless man in a wheel chair asked for some money for food. I had exactly what he needed in my hands, I gave him my jerk chicken. Not only did his excitement excite me in return, but I redeemed the time I had just spent indulging my senses in the lesser things by actually doing something greater than pleasing self.

Allow your mission breathe life everyday, be conscious of it on your journey in every moment, don't switch it off. Your mission is your life. Live it out.


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