Peace Has Hands, So Does Anxiety

We live in the age of serial entrepreneurship, and more and more people are multifunctioning across different businesses and industries at the same time, while raising generation-next and trying to thrive in the relational sphere.

With our evolution, we've seen a rise in anxiety; This intense, persistent worry and fear about everyday situations. These worries dwell in the mind, and our brains can't even differentiate between whether our perceptions of the existence of what makes us fear are real or not. Many of us, in a bid to keep up find ourselves dwelling in the past and future in a way that makes us anxious and is detrimental to optimal functioning. We hold Anxiety's hands every time we feel limited in accurately predicting an outcome that very well is assumed to be beyond our control, and these thoughts and feelings are very valid if they remain our perception of reality. When we find ourselves in the midst of this turmoil, we need to come right back to the center, back to the present. This is where we can let go of Anxiety's hands and hold on to Peace's hands.

Lets ponder upon this; We are truly greater than any task, already accomplished or hoping to accomplish so why give an inanimate thing (a task or the imagination of it) all of our power. Let's get familiar with Peace in the present, we'd hold its hands, and perhaps, it would show us a new perspective, for indeed, sometimes all we need is a paradigm shift. 

Peace comes from a knowing; A knowledge that is spiritually discerned, that if in oneness with can eliminate the possibility of being overwhelmed by certain fears. One of my favorite words that show me the possibility of the attainment of peace lies within scriptures, and Jesus says: "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid." John 14:12 This helps me see it is humanly possible to let go of fear (the father of anxiety), and it also makes me see that lasting peace might not come from the material world, so this attainment has to be internal.

Peace is a calm that doesn't attach itself to anything in this realm, it walks naked. Peace is swift to grab on as soon as you reach out. Peace loves a good quantum leap, its arms would always catch you. Peace loves a quiet place, so remember to retreat very often.

Switch the word peace in the previous paragraph to anxiety and the words that follow produce an opposite effect. Choose wisely, hold on to peace's hands.


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