Violence and Aggression? Let's Talk About Aggressive Arguments

I grew up within an extended family where communication could rarely happen without arguments, it always made me uncomfortable. Sometimes arguments would escalate to a physical fight and I have always wanted to get to the root of this. Beyond pride, beyond superiority, the basis for most arguments is a masked fear coupled with neuro-languages/linguistics willing to give it expression. 

Every time we feel the impulse to argue aggressively, we need to ask ourselves a few questions:
- What is it that I am so afraid of that I would not let the other person get their word in?
- Why is my opinion so important to me?
- Why do I have to have the final say?
- Why does my way have to be so imposing?
- What are my intentions and can I get them across in a better way?

It is important that we ask ourselves these questions and go back inwards to see why we are reacting the way we are. Listen to the audio message above, I hope it helps you better evaluate these impulses and actions as you go deeper into self.


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