Let's Catch Up!


Hope you are well and enjoying every moment of 2019. I have been missing in action in this space for sometime, please forgive me. These past few months, I have devoted much time to hosting Life on Purpose with Tayo Ishola which airs on Boom Radio (boomradio.com.ng) on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 8am ET (1pm WAT). The show is also available via various podcast platforms, e.g.: Stitcher, Google Podcasts, and Apple Podcasts, and via Anchor FM (Life On Purpose With Tayo Ishola on Anchor FM)

It has been back to back missions this season and I am grateful for all of the opportunities that allow me serve using my gifts. In July, my brand Eido Swimwear and The Wonder Woman Initiative hosted a unique event for Miami Swim Week tagged 'She Retreats'. The theme for this summer was 'She Retreats' as it was important for me to share with the community this revelation of how the grit and thrive mindset of the Eido Wonder Woman emerges. Beyond the fashion, the event was an action call for our community to retreat to the voice and power within and to find the beauty that lies therein.  As the culture is for our annual Miami Swim Week shows in honor of female survivors and women thriving in business, wellness and philanthropy within our community, we brought together four women from the region.

The Eido Swimwear Wonder Woman Initiative was recognized by the City of Miami Beach, from the offices of the Mayor and Commission, and I was presented with a certificate by Commissioner Michael C. Gongora.

Fast-forward to August; Early in the month, I got to speak on launching and growing a fashion brand at Style Luxe Expo. Major thanks to the founders Nadine and Natasha for the opportunity and for creating such a beautiful platform for businesses within the community. Myself alongside 2 other fashion entrepreneurs from the region, we discussed sourcing, funding, sustainability, and marketing. We also got to showcase some swim and resort wear pieces from Eido Swimwear to the audience.

The rest of the year has some amazing stuff lined up, one of which I am so elated about is "Escape To Self Retreats". This is a 3-Day interdisciplinary retreat to help business minds decompress and reconnect with self so we can lead more fulfilled lives spiritually, relationally, physically, and professionally. Our first stop is Miami, from November 8th - 11th, we would be at a modern luxury Miami Mansion for this retreat. Hosting this retreat alongside my beautiful multi-talented business mogul friend Jennifer Mairo.

On October 13th, the Nigerian Eagle section will make its debut at The Miami Carnival for the first time. I am excited to lead the section and experience carnival for the first time. Huge thanks to Collective Mas Band for this opportunity in allowing me create the section, and if we are successful this time, we just might do it every year. Send me an email at info@tayoishola.com if you would like to cheer us on and join our section. Catch a glimpse of one of our costumes below:

If you made it this far, thank you so much for reading till the end, I appreciate you more than you can imagine. Keep doing life on purpose, and keep being light.


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