Covid-19; A Disruption We'd Forever Remember

Hello Friends,

Hope you're keeping safe. My deepest condolences to all the families and communities that have been deeply impacted and affected by Covid-19. During this time, I've had to deeply think and reflect on disruptions. A disruption can completely knock one off balance, shift one's focus even, but the blessing it holds is a pointer to areas of our lives or patterns of living that need readjustment or realignment. 

Some questions I have had to ask myself at this time are "What do I truly place my faith upon? What internal and external idols am I subconsciously holding on to?" A disruption allows us see that our inability to disconnect, detach or simply pause really is a lie we choose to believe. In the wake of a disruption we are forced to stop, forced to awaken, forced to spend time outside of regular routine, forced to remember who we are, the little things that made us smile 10 years ago, the beauty of a home cooked meal amidst deep conversation with loved ones. A disruption can bring us back to the center of our identity, where we find balance, where we are most aligned with the best version of self - aligned with God. May we allow this disruption the world has collectively been thrusted into bring us back to the center, back to where our hearts are most innocent, where our intentions are pure, where our hearts are full of love and truth.

Let us build capacity and equip ourselves at this time, enrich our souls, let us refuse to be desensitized as we watch the news, for the numbers are representative of real people. Let us allow yourself feel and be moved by the pain, for empathy is key, let us use that empathy in prayer, let us detox, let us pray some more, and stay safe.

Uplift your soul and spirit with this worship clip below by T.Y Bello:


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