Thank you for for joining me on the journey to the second volume of the Eido Woman journal guide to intrinsic awareness. Writing this guide through one of the most turbulent and unpredictable seasons we all have collectively faced as a result of the lockdown period in 2020 helped me reconnect with and hone some of the virtues you will find within its pages. The tools you would find are very practical, have been tried and tested, and these are principles I live by. Within these pages you would find my brand’s spring/resort 2021 collection in a series of editorial images photographed by Ada Ebhomielen and creatively directed by me. This volume features a front-cover page with Fashion Model/Influencer Chinyere Adogu, and back-cover page Fashion Model Bria Bryant, both photographed by Ada Ebhomielen. As always, all of the thoughts in this guide are from a conscious space, and do not intend to guide you into forming rigid ideologies, but seek to help you reconnect with your purest self and God within your vessel. Kindly enjoy it, pass it on, and keep living on purpose. Do enjoy the read online here:

Eido Woman (Volume 2)

You can also get a matte soft-cover print copy for yourself here:

Eido Woman (Volume 2 - Print)

Stay blessed, you are loved!


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