Seeing Through The Creator’s Eyes


Hope life is well and good with you. A few days ago I experienced something a lot of Creatives might be able to relate with - A sheer lack of inspiration and direction as it concerns projects or just knowing what to do next. I took some time off to soul-search and hear what God was speaking to my heart for the seasons ahead and His voice reiterated that obedience and submission to His creativity is the easiest way to find inspiration for life, purpose and destiny. If you find yourself at a place like this today, a place where there seems to be more darkness than light, I would love for you to listen to Episode 2 of the ‘Recovery Of Sight’ series on the “Life On Purpose” podcast. Find a link below or search “Life On Purpose With Tayo Ishola” on your favorite podcast platforms to listen.

Life On Purpose With Tayo Ishola ( Season 3 ; Episode 2)

I like to think of inspiration as a river flowing through our vessels as the channels, and God as the source. On that note, I would love to share this beautiful song "River Flow" by Theophilus Sunday with you. Do enjoy!


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