About Me

Tayo Ishola is a Fashion, Wellness & Social Entrepreneur.

She got introduced to the fashion industry through pageantry and was scouted by a modeling agency based in South Africa. She later relocated to South Africa where she started her career in fashion modeling full time. During her time in South Africa, Tayo became the anchor on a fashion and entertainment TV show named Cut-In which aired on M-net Africa. Between 2015 and 2017, Tayo became the host of My Beauty and Fashion TV in South Florida. As a model Tayo has graced the runways at New York Fashion Week, DC Fashion Week, Mercedes Benz Swim Week Miami, walking runways for brands like Cia Maritima, Rosapois.

Fashion was an open door to encounters that birthed a renewed sense of purpose within Tayo and this made her grow with an intense passion for all things creative and a heart that seeks to marry creative expression with good causes and raise social awareness. Tayo developed a deep interest for the swimwear industry when she moved to Miami in 2010 and she's since used the industry as a mission field.  

In 2015, Tayo founded the Swimwear Brand Eido Swimwear. 'Eido' is an ancient Greek word that means to be aware, discerning or gain insight to something. Eido swimwear is constructed for the woman who is intrinsically aware of who she is. Since the brand's inception, it has been important for Tayo to bring to life her vision of women aggrandizement beyond borders, and she has done this through the brand's messaging, and also through the creative visual representations of this notion at Eido Swimwear's fashion shows and events. In a nutshell, her mission is not only to empower the woman, the mission is to stir up and enliven the power within the woman, to reinforce it, and to make it apparent. In 2018, Tayo founded the Wonder Woman Initiative; A series of ongoing projects and live events curated to uplift women within the communities around us, and in the world at large. Through this initiative, the brand spotlights female survivors, women in business breaking new grounds, and women who are less privileged and need help becoming self-sufficient providers for themselves and their families. 

Tayo Ishola is also the co-founder and managing partner at The Gem Talent Agency, a model and talent agency, licensed and bonded in the State of Florida.


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